Candidates Bike Agenda

The field has been narrowed down to two mayoral candidates: Marty Walsh, & John Connolly.  Both are clearly strong candidates for the position of Mayor, and both genuinely care about this great city.
As a cycling advocacy group, we are compelled to point out each candidate’s bicycle infrastructure agenda.
Here is the only snippet on bicycles that we could find on Marty Walsh’s website:

“Promote a Livable City – projects will be designed to ensure that residents live in communities where they can walk, bike, or take public transit to essential services. Other goals are to ensure that bicyclists and pedestrians are safe in our neighborhoods and on our roadways, and that congestion is reduced by eliminating cut-through traffic.”










We are a bit concerned when we bicyclists & pedestrians are listed as a barely a footnote and lumped into “other goals” in his transportation priorities.  Barely a half sentence of Walsh’s attention go to safer cycling and no mention on how he intends to make any safety improvements.  We sincerely hope that Walsh will come forward with more to say on bicycle improvements in Boston before we all vote in November.
John Connolly has more to say on the subject of bicycling, complete streets & transportation choices:

“A bright future for Boston depends on having a true mix of safe, reliable, affordable transportation options, so that residents and visitors will have choices about how to get around town. My transportation plan will help to strengthen our economy and make our city more environmentally sustainable.

As mayor, I will:
– Prioritize ‘Complete Streets’ planning;
– Prioritize cycle tracks in the city’s capital budget;
– Expand the Hubway bike share program;
– Promote transit-oriented development;
– Improve safety at intersections for pedestrians;”














John Connolly hits the nail on the head. The point here is “Complete Streets”, Safety, and providing a transportation network that will allow people to have CHOICES on how they get around in the city.
There are many issues to consider before casting your vote.  Transportation equality & safety is a high priority for cyclists.  If you are a cyclist, or if you have friends / family who ride bikes, then please consider their safety before casting your vote in November.  So the question is: Which candidate do you believe will do the most to ensure the safety of our more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians & cyclists?

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