More about bike lanes!

A few more reasons why bike lanes on Broadway are a great idea!

Hubway.  Yup, we’re getting a few more stations in our neighborhood this September which means more residents & visitors will be out there riding around, and you can be sure that many will be riding on Broadway to visit our numerous shops and restaurants!

Economy.  Broadway is where the action is, and that’s where bikers tend to flock.  Statistics have shown that bike lanes on commerce dense areas boost retail sales because cyclists & pedestrians tend to make more frequent stops. (because it’s easy for us to pull over and shop shop shop!)

Health.  Physical activities such as riding a bicycle has proven health benefits.  Reduced stress levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease & diabetes.  Plus all these other health benefits.

Predictability.  Bike lanes help drivers too!  Having a defined space on the road that is just for bikes really helps drivers know where to expect bicyclists, and can better anticipate a cyclists next move.  Many drivers are afraid of accidentally hitting a bicyclist, and a bike lane will help everyone drive and ride more predictably.

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