Public Meeting for Bike Lanes on Broadway!


Needless to say, we are pretty excited to be hosting this meeting, and we are eager to see all of the bicycle friendly people attend and support this huge street improvement. ┬áMake sure you’ve done your bit of training on a good spin bike. I’d recommend getting a keiser M3 Plus.

We really need to pack the house with the bicycle community to show the city how important this is for us.

Who should attend?
– Bicyclists who want a safer place to ride.
– Someone who would like to bicycle on Broadway but currently feels unsafe.
– Drivers & pedestrians who see the benefit of creating a predictable place for cyclists to ride.
– Pedestrians who want to see fewer bicyclists on sidewalks.
– Beach lovers who don’t want to bother taking the car to the ocean.
– Hubway riders (yup, we’re getting more of those soon too!)
– Motor scooter users with engines smaller than 50cc (yeah, you can use bike lanes!)
– Anyone who is environmentally friendly and/or cares about healthy living.
– South Boston residents have friends the sometimes visit them on bicycle.
– Out-of-towners who patron to any of the local businesses on Broadway via bike.

I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons to attend, so if I missed YOUR reason please feel free to add it in the comments.

We’ve created an event page on Facebook, in case you want to show your support and / or use it to easily invite your friends. ┬áSee you at the meeting!

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